Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spam seems to have gone.... Are we finally winning?

The spam is not hitting the site at last, took a while but I found a way to halt it without banning domains (at last). How long it lasts is any ones guess but its been working for a few weeks now. So fingers crossed it keeps working.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Banned, Banned & more Banned!!!

I don't like banning sites but these porn sites are really going mental on the free site signups. Therefore the only way to prevent them automatically adding to is by banning the free website domains. Currently these are as follows:
Unfortunately if you have a site on one of these domains your site will not list automatically on, however if your site is a legitimate site then please contact us and we will unban it manually.
It might turn out to be a bad decision to make the banned domain list public as the scammers and porn peddlers will simply move onto different domains but as it's a simple process to ban them now it matters very little and does help any legitimate site owners know why their site is not listing automatically and how to rectify it.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Seems we might be winning!

The spam from recent weeks is still hitting the site but now they are automatically banned which means a nice clean site again. That helps us all in the long run. The unfortunate side effect of these measures is that some of you with genuine sites may find themselves automatically banned. If you have a genuine site and it isn't automatically showing up on then please contact us and we will look into it and correct it. Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

How popular are we....

Well on one side it's great that links247 is becoming so popular, with many more people joining the site on a daily basis. Unfortunately the downside is the amount of junk sites that insist on adding their rubbish to our site. So unfortunately I am going to have to stop certain domains from participating, with the likes of etc. being blocked first, its unfortunate but has to be done. If you have an legitimate site on this domain then email me and we'll add you.

Also for all you new members don't forget Mister Linker for more great backlinks for your site.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Getting annoyed by the amount of spam!!

The amount of spam sites is seriously becoming a joke. Mostly Russian / Ukraine porn sites in the guise of "Russian Brides" etc. but what to do about it? It doesn't help any of us looking for good back links if the site gets a reputation for crap like that which is why I work so hard to keep on top of it. So what should I do, block complete domains so they can't have their sites listed? Of course this would also prevent genuine users using the "get your free web site" sites.

Any ideas, please get in touch :). Until next time, I'm off to ban some more sites!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Thank you Mister Linker

As you have probably noticed Links24-7 has had a bit of a make over so now it doesn't look entirely like the now returned Mister Linker. Yes the text is still the same but the principle of the sites are so simple you can only explain it simply and Mister Linker did that very well :). Up until now I have kept a notice explaining the origins of the site on the front page, with the changes this notice is now out of date therefore I will be changing it. I will always keep a permanent link to Mister Linker on the site and the notice will be kept here for future information, see below:
As you may have noticed this looks very similar to When Mister Linker didn't return I thought I would try and write the php to create the same pages. I am learning php so this was a good opportunity to create a script from scratch (albeit the design was mostly done for me). Hopefully Mister Linker returns but in the meantime I will continue to improve Links 247. The reviews aren't working yet but that is coming soon as are other features I would like to add. Keep checking back.
All the best.